A fully regulated exchange with high-end trading platform and fiat support
This is what PRO trading should feel like
Enjoy trading on an advanced trading platform
Designed for you by a team with 15+ years of experience in trading & fintech. Take advantages of all its benefits.
Sophisticated technical analysis
Use the dozens of indicators provided or add your own
Advanced trading alerts
Set up custom alerts and choose how to receive them
Single/double click trading mode
Take advantage of rapidly moving markets - perfect for scalpers
Level II data
See up to 200 price levels and display your limit orders in the order book
Detailed charts
View trades & volume on dozens of user-friendly chart - and draw directly on them
Strategy back-tester
Test strategies using historical prices & liquidity to build and run better algos
We always take it personal
A personal manager is ready to assist you 24/7
Financial, legal and technical advisory services from our in-house experts
Am I eligible?
You can become
a PRO client on Free2ex if:
You hold an equivalent of at least $50,000 in any assets on Free2ex
You operate as a registered company
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a Pro on Free2ex