FREE2EX crypto exchange trading fees

Trading fees: 0,25% (including BYN pairs)

Commissions and fees are charged from the client's funds accounted for in his account during the execution of the application. The deduction is made in the purchased asset (for example, when buying BTC for USD, the commission will be in BTC, etc.).
Last updated 01/05/2024.
New commissions come into force on 02/05/2024.

Leverage trading commissions and bonuses


* - your bank may apply an additional fee according to its own tariffs
** - in case of withdrawal of funds by a client who is a resident of offshore zones, as well as to a current account opened with a bank registered in an offshore zone, the commission is 18.5% of the withdrawal amount. Decree 25.05.2006 No. 353
*** - to agree on individual withdrawal conditions, please contact the support service in any convenient way or by phone +375 29 613-17-23