Q1 2019
Start of work on obtaining a license of the High Technologies Park

Q2 2019
Start of adaptation of technological platform

Q3 2019
The platform is adapted and ready for audit

Q4 2019
Technological and security audit passed (conducted by BDO)

Q1 2020
- Passed legal audit, audit of business processes, audit of personnel by Deloitte
- Received a conclusion on compliance with HTP requirements

Q2 2020
- A license was obtained for the right to carry out the activities of a crypto platform operator and ICO organizer
- Conducted beta testing of systems
- Trading platform launched
- Received admission to work with Visa and Mastercard
- Admission to SEPA transfers received

Q3 2020
- Launched the product "Quick exchange"
- Launched the product "OTC transaction"
- Large liquidity providers connected

Q4 2020
- Expanded ways to deposit and withdraw funds
- The first IEO project was started
- Launched the "Processing" product
- Launched "Turnkey Exchanger" product
- Launched referral program
- Expansion of trading pairs

Our plans for 2021:
- Launching margin trading
- Launch of tokenized assets trading
- Launching demo accounts
- Obtaining a license in the EU
- Issuing your own token
- Creation of your own mobile application
- Development of our own payment services

Benefits of
regulated platform

Full legality

A regulated crypto exchange is completely legal. Thus, as long as we follow a set of very clear rules esteblished by the regulator, we do not need to worry about the regulator interfering with our operations, as is often the case in the United States. And this, in turn, gives our clients complete peace of mind.
Transparency and customer protection

The Law obligates us to adhere to strict AML standards and security systems. Specifically, we must verify the identity of each customer through the KYC procedure. This is an additional guarantee that no "dirty" bitcoins will end up on the exchange, which is very important for large traders and businesses that buy cryptocurrency.
We also regularly undergo security audits and conduct penetration tests, which guarantees constant readiness to repel any attacks.
Advanced fiat support

Since we maintain such a high level of security and transparency, banks are ready to work with us. This sets us apart from most European countries, where banks, as a rule, do not want to be tied with cryptocurrency. As a result, we easily offer fiat support, including deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR and other currencies. Our fees are much lower than Coinbase and other US-based platforms. For example, on Free2ex, you can buy Bitcoin with Visa for just 2.95% commission, as opposed to 4% on Coinbase.
You can Trust Us
Trust is not formed by words, but by facts. These are strong facts for your confidence.

This is confirmed by the regulator
$1 000 000
Annual audit from
Big Four companies
Marketplace FREE2EX
A wide range of products at your service

Crypto trading

Professional platform for regular trading

Big deal? We have a solution
Referral program

Advanced partnership program with partner earnings of 75%
Quick Exchange

Service for buying crypto in 3 clicks, without even going to the exchange
Exchange for business

Work with us as a legal entity and manage business finances
Turnkey crypto exchanger

A package of solutions for creating an exchanger that accepts fiat funds
Crypto processing

Solution of the problem of reception and transit of fiat-crypto-fiat-crypto

Our license will allow you to legally conduct STO or issue Stablecoin
Mobile terminal

Huge trader's toolkit in your smartphone
Desktop terminal

High End solution for professional traders

Integrate the exchange into your business or create applications based on Free2ex
Listing of tokens

Your token on a fully regulated crypto exchange
Ask our CEO a question
Risk disclosure information
1. Activities related to transactions (operations) with tokens are associated with a high level of risk of complete loss of funds and other objects of civil rights (investments) transferred in exchange for tokens (including as a result of volatility in the cost of tokens; technical failures (errors); illegal actions, including theft).
2. Remember that tokens are not means of payment and are not secured by the state.
3. Legal regulation of transactions with tokens does not have a uniform approach and the consequences of such transactions may have different legal assessments in different states.
4. The technologies used (including the blockchain technology, other distributed information system and similar technologies) do not exclude the risks of technical failures and errors in operation.