From the perspective of legal requirements and best practice, we inform that we do not provide services for clients residing at or being citizens or nationals of the following countries (territories).
· High-risk jurisdictions (territories) subject to a Call for Action under FATF-GAFI;

· Jurisdictions (territories) under increased Monitoring under FATF-GAFI;

· Jurisdictions (territories) with strategic deficiencies under FATF-GAFI;

· Jurisdictions (territories), if under the laws and regulations of such jurisdictions (territories) engagement into agreement with its national or resident (natural person or entity) would be contrary to laws and regulations of such jurisdictions (territories);

· Other jurisdictions (territories), if engagement into agreement with its national or resident (natural person or entity) may imply material adverse effects for the Company and (or) the Client.
At the moment the Company has decided to restrict provision of services to following jurisdictions (territories):
American Samoa
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Islamic Republic of Iran
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Kingdom of Cambodia
Republic of Albania
Republic of Ghana
Republic of Palau
Republic of Panama
Republic of Seychelles
Republic of Uganda
Republic of Yemen
Republic of Zimbabwe
Republic of the Marshall Islands
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Syrian Arab Republic
The Federated States of Micronesia
The United States of America
United States Minor Outlying Islands
United States Virgin Islands
Risk disclosure information
1. Activities related to transactions (operations) with tokens are associated with a high level of risk of complete loss of funds and other objects of civil rights (investments) transferred in exchange for tokens (including as a result of volatility in the cost of tokens; technical failures (errors); illegal actions, including theft).
2. Remember that tokens are not means of payment and are not secured by the state.
3. Legal regulation of transactions with tokens does not have a uniform approach and the consequences of such transactions may have different legal assessments in different states.
4. The technologies used (including the blockchain technology, other distributed information system and similar technologies) do not exclude the risks of technical failures and errors in operation.