Referral program
Receive up to 75% fees of all your referrals. The larger the trading volume, the greater the profit
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До 31 декабря 2020-го действуют специальные условия рефералки!
How it works
Get your link
Generate your referral link in your personal account
Invite your friends
Send the link to your friends and get your profit from every transaction they make
Receive up to 75% fees on all your referrals. The larger the trading volume, the greater the profit
Why our
referral program awesome
Earn with us! Our referral program offers very high interest rates, transparent calculations for all referrals, accruals from $ 0.01 and 3 levels of referrals!
Earning up to 75% of referral's trading commissions
3 (not 1) levels of the referral program - earn from your referrals' referrals!
Calculation of referral reward in real time
Withdraw funds at any time
This is not just profitable, it is very-very-very profitable
from referrals of the 1st level
+ 20%
from referrals of the 2nd level
+ 15%
from referrals of the 3d level
If your blog, telegram channel or media has a large audience - write to us at [email protected]

We will discuss individual conditions :)
How to generate a referral link?
A referral link can be generated in your personal account in the Affiliate Program section by linking your personal identifier to the link: eWallet number or trading account number. The number of trading accounts can be unlimited, thus you can create an unlimited number of links and use them as you wish. Just like 1 link can be used an unlimited number of times.
For what actions of referrals will I receive a reward?
You will receive a referral reward for trading operations of your referrals on the Free2ex trading platform, in mobile and Desktop terminals. Referral remuneration does not apply to referral operations related to the replenishment and withdrawal of funds, exchange operations on the exchanger's website or within your personal account (internal conversion within the eWallet).
What bonus will my referrals get for registering on FREE2EX?
For the first deposit of $ 500 or more, your referral will receive a $ 15 withdrawal bonus. Accrual is made in USDT.
How is my referral reward calculated?
Let's take an example. Suppose, in 1 month you invited two friends, each of whom made $100 in commissions, and also invited 2 more friends, who, in turn, made the same amount of trading and also invited 2 friends each, who made $100 each. commission.

In total, you have 14 referrals:
- 2 referrals of the 1st level who have made a trade for $200
- 4 referrals of the 2nd level who have made a trade for $400
- 8 referrals of the 3rd level who have made a trade for $800

It turns out that your reward is:
- from referrals of the 1st level: 200 $х40% = $80
- from referrals of the 2nd level: $ 400х20% = $80
- from referrals of the 3rd level: $ 800х15% = $60

In total, you received $220 by inviting only two referrals.
How long will I receive my reward?
The validity period of the referral connection with the 1st level referral is 365 days, the referral connection with the 2nd and 3rd level referrals is limited by the validity period of the referral connection with the 1st referral.
When does the accrual take place?
The referral reward is credited to the commission eWallet in your personal account in the currency of receiving the commission for your referral's operation. The payout occurs on average every 4 hours, but at least once a day. In your personal account in the Affiliate program section, you can generate a report on your referrals, as well as the remuneration accrued to you.
How many referrals can I attract?
As many as you want! The more referrals you have, the more your reward :)
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4. The technologies used (including the blockchain technology, other distributed information system and similar technologies) do not exclude the risks of technical failures and errors in operation.