We will be giving out 50 prizes of 100 USDT! Sign up for the contest, follow our social media, share posts, and earn points. The more points you get — the bigger your chance to win.

The contest is held from 14.05.2020 to 31.05.2020, winners will be announced on our website no later than 03.06.2020. The results will also be shared across our social media.

The contest is held via the gleam.io platform. To join please register using the link and start earning points. The platform will automatically count your points and choose the winners after the contest ends.

1.How to get started?

  • Register via the link and answer the welcome question (1 point).

2.What to increase your chances of winning?

  • Follow our accounts: Telegram EN (3 points), Telegram RU (3 points), Twitter (3 points), Medium (1 point), Reddit (1 point), Facebook (1 point), VK (1 point) and LinkedIn (1 point).
  • Repost this publication in Twitter (4 points), Facebook (4 points), VK (4 points) and LinkedIn (4 points).
  • Register at free2ex.com (10 points).

3.When and how will I know the results?

  • The results will be announced on our website on 03.06.2020, as well as via our social media. The winners will be contacted individually by email.

4.How to claim the prize?

  • It's simple. Complete registration at our exchange, and if you win we will reach out to you and transfer the prize!

Participation rules:

  1. Prizes will be transferred to the winners' trading accounts with free2ex.com for further trading. The prize amount transferred is eligible for trading on the platform only. Withdrawal can be made only if the withdrawal amount is higher than the prize. If a user added personal funds to the account they can be withdrawn anytime according to the free2ex.com withdrawal conditions.
  2. Fulfillment of the maximum number of contest conditions does not guarantee a winning place but can increase your chances to win. The winners will be chosen with the help of the gleam.io platform.
  3. The winners are required to pass the verification and identification procedures within one week from 03.06.2020 to 10.06.2020. The prize will not be transferred if a winner fails to verify his or her account within one week.
  4. Each contestant can register for the contest only once. If one person has registered several times using different email accounts, or in any way violates other participation rules, this participant can be disqualified at the discretion of the contest organizers, and the prize will be given to another participant. Only social media accounts that have been created earlier than the date of the contest start are eligible for being used in the contest. In the event that the participant of the competition submitted incorrect data, the organizer of the competition has the right to exclude this participant from drawing the prizes.

The contest organizer has the right to change the terms of the contest but no later than 23.05.2020. The up-to-date contest terms are available at https://www.free2ex.com/contest/


Dear participants, thank you all for your activity in our contest!

We are glad to announce the winners:  https://gleam.io/PI8y0/free2ex-.

We will contact all the winners in the nearest future and inform about the further actions for receiving prizes.

Thank you for staying with us