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Get up to 75% fees of the trading fees paid by your referrals. The more they trade, the more you earn!

How it works

Get your link
Generate your referral link in your personal cabinet
Invite your friends
Send the link to your friends and followers and get rebates on all their trades
Receive up to 75% of the trading fees paid by your referrals

Why our
referral program awesome

Free2ex referral program offers high and transparent rebates, accruals starting from just $0.01, and three downline levels.
Rebates of up to 75% of the fees paid by your referrals
Not one, but three downline levels
Real-time reward updates
Withdraw your rewards any time
It's not just profitable - it's very, very profitable
from referrals of the 1st level
+ 20%
from referrals of the 2nd level
+ 15%
from referrals of the 3d level
Are you an influencer?
If your blog, Telegram channel, or website has a large following, get in touch with us at - we'll be happy to offer you exclusive terms!

How do I generate a referral link?
To generate your personal referral link, go to the Affiliate Program section in your Free2ex dashboard and enter your eWallet or trading account number. Since you can have an unlimited number of trading accounts, you can also create any number of referral links. Of course, you can also keep using the same affiliate link all the time.
How do I earn affiliate rewards?
You'll get a rebate whenever one of your referrals completes a trade and pays a trading fee. Note that account deposits and withdrawals, as well as instant exchange transactions and internal eWallet conversions are not eligible for rebates.
How are the rewards calculated?
Example: suppose that you've invited two friends, each of whom generated $100 in trading fees by trading on Free2ex. Also, let's suppose that each of your two Level 1 referrals invited two friends of their own, who become your Level 2 referrals. Each of those, in turn, generated $100 in trading fees. Finally, each Level 2 referral invited 2 friends, and they also paid $100 in trading fees on the platform.

This means you have 14 affiliates: 2 on Level 1 ($200 in fees), 4 on level 2 ($400), and 8 on Level 3 ($800). Your rebates are calculated as follows:

L1: $200x0.4=$80
L2: $400x0.2=$80
L3: $800x0.15=$60

You'll receive $220, even though you've personally invited only two friends!
For how long will I receive rewards?
You'll keep receiving rebates on your Level 1 referral's trading fees for 365 days after the referral joins Free2ex. The validity of Level 2 and Level 3 rebates is limited by the period of your referral connection to a L1 affiliate. So, for example, if you invite Bob and he joins on February 1, 2021, you'll keep earning 40% of his trading fees, plus 20% of his referrals' fees and 15% of his L2 referrals until February 1, 2022.
When and how will my rewards be credited?
Rebate payouts happen every 4 hours on average and least once every 24 hours. The rewards will be credited to your commission eWallet in the same currency in which your referrals paid the fees. In the Affiliate Program section of your dashboard you can generate a referral report and view your rebate balance, updated in real time.
How many referrals can I invite?
As many as you want! The more people you invite, the more you will earn :)
Can my relatives register using my referral link?
No. Any match of name, address, phone number and other data will be considered as an attempt to receive a commission through the creation of a fake referral account. The restriction also applies to those living in the same apartment / private house.
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